Another record year for ILPRA SpA, here you can find our financial highlights for the year 2022.

The words of our CEO Maurizio Bertocco:

“We close another record year for our Group, which is performing in double figures in both the Italian and international markets. The greater weight of foreign revenues, which amount to 62% of the total, and the streamlining of our production activities allow an EBITDA growth of Euro 11.2 million, with a net financial debt cash positive Euro 3.5 million: numbers that grant us to confirm for the third consecutive year the distribution of dividends. The significant liquidity available (Euro 17.3 million), the encouraging prospects for our sector according to UCIMA estimates, the actions taken to make the company energy autonomous and the trade agreements closed to ensure the supply of raw materials and electronics, allow us to look forward to a positive performance in 2023”

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